Thursday, 11 May 2017

Adaptation B: Reflective Statement

Following the presentation and the feedback given, I can say that I could have achieved better if I were to manage time in a better way and get moving into the project quicker. I feel that I did under achieve due to starting the project later than It should have been started and also trying to make a final model within a small time frame.

After feedback during the project I found that I was making better steps forward when I was creating work and receiving feedback on ways to improve it further. If I were better with time I could have received more feedback and gone further forward with the project and had a better outcome. I did feel as though a lot of the progress in my projected moved quicker during the second half of the project, however it should have developed to the end from the start and not halfway through the time that was given for the overall project.

I am happy with what I produced but I am more than aware that I am capable of doing a lot better in terms of the overall finish and the designs.

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