Monday, 20 February 2017

Critical Perspectives || Dissertation Proposal OGR

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  1. You have chosen a very generalised title and approach to this subject.
    Discussion on gaze theory is well rehearsed in relation to gaming and visual culture- you need to build the foundations of this into the dissertation content- particularly through more fundamental reading and research.
    Key texts to look at - Ways of Seeing by John Berger, Ken Clarke The Nude, Laura Mulvey Visual Pleasure in Narrative Cinema and Practices of Looking: an Introduction to Visual Culture by Marita Sturken .
    Look further also at stereotyping and the political context of feminism-
    Foucault has also written about the relationship of the gaze to power and control in society in Discipline and Punish.
    You could also explore further reception theory and postructuralism through Roland Barthes essay The Death of the Author.
    Imperative for you is a better understanding about how gaming has evolved from traditions of representation in the film industry and in relation to genre.
    Chapter 3- I actually do not agree that Lara Croft is not sexualised intentionally- I think the design of this game and the whole franchise is very deliberatively connected to gratifying the demographic who will view / play- young adolescent males- here is where you need to connect further to the capitalist structures that organise and promote this type of cultural artefact.
    You have to be able to prove what you say.