Monday, 20 February 2017

Adaptation B: "The Jenny Haniver"

Within "The Mortal Engines" at chapter nine, Anna Fang comes into play as a trader on the trading cluster that Tom and Hester find themselves on but being sold off as slaves. Tom and Hester come across Anna as they escape their kidnappers. Anna offers them help and tells them to make their way to the ship she captains, The Jenny Haniver. Tom describes the ship as "Not an elegant sky clipper, little more than a shabby scarlet gasbag and a cluster of rusty engines pods bolted to a wooden gondola"

Miss Anna Fang

A sky-farer
Sinister appearance
Long red leather coat
Black sunglasses
A lean, handsome woman

The Jenny Haniver

Built from bits of the finest airships
Envelope of silicon-silk from a shan guo clipper
Twin jeunet-carot aero-engines off a paris gunship
Reinforced gas cells of a spitzbergen war balloon
Spice smelling gondola
Narrow wooden tube
Flight deck at the front
Fangs quarters at the stern
Other cabins inbetween
Dim green electrics 
Aquarium glow 
Gas valves
Magnetic docking clamps

Tom ducks to avoid the overheard lockers and dangerous cables hanging from instrument panels on the roof, Anna Fang avoids them with ease.

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