Friday, 13 January 2017

Submission: Reviews and Tutorials


Pipeline 1: Head Modelling

Pipeline 1: Body Modelling


  1. Danni - Am I right in thinking that there are tutorials on this list that have appeared after the deadline? If that is the case please remove any additional tutorials added to the list post deadline. I'm afraid you cannot add to your submission after the deadline is over. However, yes it is a good idea to continue with anything you have not done for the future.

    1. Sorry, I was going through my saved work and couldn't find the playblast/file for the camera tutorial before the deadline, I did manage to find the file and thought it would be okay just to add in

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  3. Ok, thanks for letting me know. However, a deadline is a deadline and you can't add. In year three you'll submit to your blog and a computer - NOTHING after the 5pm is allowed, your submission is time locked. I realise that sounds harsh buts its degree level and the equivalent of taking final exams. You can't run in after the end of the exam and add more to the paper. Be careful and make sure you get your work ready beforehand.