Friday, 13 January 2017

Exploitation Cinema

Exploitation Cinema is about making money from a film rather than just making a film purely for the purpose of creating a brilliant film with a great story or a film from a much loved book. The film isn't for the audience, its for the money with use of the attraction of the audience to watch it in box-office. Films like Harry Potter, Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy are made for the audience, the priority here is to entertain. The Mad Max series, Marvel, DC and 50 Shades of Grey (series with more films coming soon) however can be debated to be made purely for exploitation and the thought of bringing in money from box-office because it attracted an audience from its books, first films and comics.

George Millers Mad Max Fury Road (2015) is clearly seen as an exploitation film, The Mad Max series being much loved in previous decades provided Millers with a large audience whom were already fans of Max and his stories. The film has a small script and is purely based on the action, no brilliant storyline, the plot just being one massive car chase occurring between 3 parties from start to finish. The action in the film is what attracts the audience to watch it and makes it exciting for them but they are plainly being exploited for a film which has essentially already been created many times in many other films. 

The story, although shallow is mainly based around Furiosa, not Max, what storyline there is it is based on feminism and the freedom of women in this post apocalyptic world. Within this lengthy car chase the message of feminism is produced in the females characters and their empowerment and freedom they seek to find but it is all over powered by the car chase that the entire film is. Mad Max is exploited here to produce a feminist film, rather than the film being based on Max, he is a side character essentially in his own film.

Mad Max Fury Road is more or less a storyline which we have seen before in many other films, a recycled plot, theme and action. Despite its criticism, it is a well rated film and certainly entertaining besides its obvious use for exploitation, to bring in money to the companies that produce out different films just to be able to make a profit.

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