Friday, 13 January 2017


Planet Earth is a 2016 British nature documentary created by the BBC, narrated by David Attenborough. The series follows various environments and species and documents their present situation and their lifestyles. It explains how animals live, survive and act in their natural environment and how they adapt to new areas and situations, the show sees to educated and intrigue audiences young and old. It follows species such as Sloths (an animal that has become virally popular) and shows animals within cities and also shows how we as humans are affecting their way of life.

The documentary shows the audience up close and high quality footage of animals which otherwise wouldn't be seen up close by the audience in real life. It takes months of footage and time in order to capture the right footage for the documentary. It shows how they live amongst their environments and how their adapting to new buildings and cities rising amongst their environment.

The documentary is light and provides knowledge to the audience of living species and changing environments, Attenborough makes the documentary interesting with his narrative and makes it sound lively and interesting, the music adds to this as the tension increases as you watch footage of new born lizards trying to escape sand snakes and make it to join their species on the other side of the island. Attenborough makes the documentary interesting with his enthusiasm and his passion for nature and his work within the reach of nature.

The crew shows at the end of the season on how they capture their footage, the time and the travel it takes in order to get the perfect shot, the set up in the cities to find out how the animals travel across them and months of waiting for turtles and lizards to start hatching and making their way into the wild. It isn't without great effort to capture these moments but Planet Earth II does it well and portrays these animals in their natural environments and how they live and survive in the present from on their own at birth to being nurtured by the mother to a certain age.

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