Thursday, 12 January 2017

Adaptation A: Pitch

...your period 
...your degree
...the job
...abducted by an alien 
...a date
...a present/christmas present
...into heaven the toilet on time
...pancakes in the morning live school on time

I was wondering if in some sentences 
I can cut out 'get' from the sentence.

...have friends
...didn't survive the world cup


  1. I reckon laid and to the toilet on time would be quite funny.

  2. Hi Danni

    Pitch feedback:

    My choice would be 'Degree, a date, or to school on time' - The others seem like a 'one note joke' - after seeing the theme once on screen it would get old very quickly. The three I picked out has room to make a fun list of reasons which could also make a valid point and to some degree be educational at the same time. As an outside choice 'abducted by an alien' could also work but would be slightly more difficult due to its less realistic topic. I'd also recommend finding the topic you feel most equipped and ready to do, this project is quick and you want to hit the ground running if you can.