Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Adaptation A & B Feedback

After speaking with Alan about possible ideas for adaptation A I have decided to go with one "Reasons you didn't get a Date/Degree" or possibly "Abducted by Aliens". Although "Abducted by Aliens" can prove to be a little more non factual due to the science fiction to it, it could prove to be full of comedy and stupid reasons for it. If I were going for "A Date" I would look towards cards sold in card shops for the kind of graphics I would create and also possibly for "a Degree".

After discussing Adaptation B I left with the ideas of creating something which could be solved, an idea which came from seeing a paper on the "Mathematics of a Rubix Cube" and also the idea of creating a game level. I have been left with the options of creating something from either idea or combining both.

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