Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Reflective Statement

The project as a whole was a new experience for me as I hadn't really done a group project in that depth, I imagined it being a lot more different. The start of the project took awhile as we weren't set on an idea/final story straight away and that kickstarted the project off slowly. Deciding on how we wanted it to look was another thing that took some time, using Saul Bass our first thumbnails appeared creepy and more horror-like, as a result we toned down the sharpness of Saul Bass's influence and used less lines. I am proud of the work we created and its final appearance and also happy that I managed to fulfil my roles within the project and gave everything that was needed when asked of me.

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  1. Hi Danni. I think perhaps you could be a bit more in depth about your experience / performance in the project. As it stands this statement is vague. Write the statement for someone who knows nothing about the project (another student) - Eg what roles? what art style? what change? Why did it take so long to get a story? What did you do to help?. Remember the external examiner is going to read this and is looking for insight.