Wednesday, 13 April 2016

@Jordan Art Of Pages



  1. Hi Danny,

    The artwork here looks great, but at the moment, this isn't an Art book. It is looking much better than those black and grey backgrounds you had.

    My first suggestion would be to get some text in here. That will quickly help you decide upon spacing of assets versus placement of text. Work out how double pages will work together. Perhaps with text on one and assets on the other.

    It would also be great to see all of those other assets making their way into the artbook. I.e. the character designs, concept art etc.

    Deciding on a font will be important, because it can say a lot about the type of film you are creating. So, pick a title font and a body font for blocks of text. Keep it simple and clean. So far though, this looks promising. A nice sense of presentation but we need to see more to get an idea of how the whole document will read together.