Sunday, 6 March 2016

@Phil Environment 2D or 3D

I sort of in-between on whether to go with a 2D or 3D layout for the project, I like the recent bacteria thumbnails I have designed but I feel they lean more towards 3D rather then a 2D environment and wasn't too sure if they would work in a 2D environment.

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  1. Hi Danni - not sure I understand - most of these projects end up as hybrids of 2D and 3D elements; all projects need to have 3D maya assets, but environments are often a combination of 3D elements and matte paintings etc. No one should be working on a 2D only film, but people will be combining techniques to get what they want. Your critters are 3D, some of your environment will be 3D, but maybe the backgrounds etc will be 2D. If your question is about style - i.e. silhouettes vs more 3D dimensional sets, then it seems to me that the colourful character of your bacteria etc would suggest that you'll need to look again at your approach to the environment - that said, you could still have those flat backgrounds, but I'd suggest their texture and colour would have to align with the design of your characters - let me know what you mean, or if any of this burble has answered your question!