Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Brief Story

Scene One

  • Bacteria enters into the body through a wound and into the blood stream
  • The bacteria Begins to travel around the body multiplying 
  • The bacteria begins to consume the bodies resources and begins to populate bigger areas and the person soon begins to feel ill.
Scene Two
  • The person is prescribed to take antibiotics for the infection as their body cannot fight it off by itself.
  • The antibiotic is dissolved in the stomach and is absorbed into the stomach lining and then into the blood.
  • The antibiotic begins to travel around the body searching for the bacterial infection.
  • The antibiotic finds its target and begins to kill the bacteria by destroying its cell wall structure.
  • The antibiotic begins to kill off masses of the bacteria as the dose increases in the system, however some bacteria remain still intact
  • The person soon feels better and does not complete the full course of antibiotics. The more resistant bacteria is then left untouched and begins to multiple within the system as there are more resources and space.
Scene Three
  • When the resistant bacteria begins to multiple the person begins to feel sick again, they go back to their previous antibiotic to finish the course
  • The antibiotic within the system tries to fight off the new bacteria within the body but due to its mutation in the DNA it is being repelled and cannot attach to the bacteria to destroy its cell wall.
  • The antibiotic retreats and the bacteria begins to thrive more due to the low dose of antibiotic.
Scene Four
  • The bacteria population increases and moves to different parts of the body.
  • A different antibiotic then enters the system through a hospital drip and swarms the bacteria, killing the weak and more resistant all together.

For the animation I plan on having a few in-between scenes where it will explain more about whats going on inside the body and whats happening to the bacteria when it mutates and also small pop ups with text explaining during the animation.