Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Fantastic Voyage | Post Pitch

Following the pitch I found that more design needed to go into the characters and also to make my antibiotic more clear as it looked like a 'jellyfish'. I also found that I needed to make the message more clear as to what is happening.

I presented my animatic with no sounds or narration to get opinions on whether a narration would suit more than SFX for example, The feedback that I received was mixed, some suggested to use pop ups to explain as the animation goes along and others said that a narration would go well with the animatic to explain the process.

Another thing was to create another animatic in colour, so it can be seen with the full effect of the environment.

I wanted to create the affect that the bacteria looks as though its very 'spaced out' or in a daze, I did this through the size of its eyes however I made my character look benign. I do like the appearance of this but to give the bacteria its 'scare factor' I plan to narrow the eyes and change the colour.

On the more positive side, I had gotten the science side down and also my concept for my environment was strong and very likeable and gave off a different effect from its colours

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