Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Character Biographies



  1. Hi Danni - a few presentational things: don't use different fonts on the different character sheets. It looks weird. Pick a font for the whole Art Of and stick with it throughout. Grammar check... The museums resident mouse should read 'The museum's resident mouse' (the same is true of the first text). The towns archivist should read 'The town's archivist'... so should the 'town's museum' etc. Notice too how you give a capital letter to museum in the second text, but not in the first - museum shouldn't have a capital letter at all. You've got a spacing error too in the first test 'hasjust'. If you're going to write something - anywhere, on anything - proof read it first, grammar check it etc. You need to think like a designer always - particularly when it comes to things like typeface and typography - and you need to be a fussier writer! These little slips just drag attention away from the stuff you're doing well. Quality control, Danni - quality control!