Tuesday, 27 October 2015

King Kong (1933)

King Kong (1933) directed by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack is an amazing film of its time, the film at the time of its release further developed the genre of fantasy, monsters and adventure films at the time and also special effects within the film industry. With the films use of layering and stop motion it makes the scenes come to life more and seem more natural at the time of its release, however compared to modern day technology and special effects the movement of Kong seem out dated however at the time with the technology used the audience would have been amazed at the flow of the film.

King Kong is a monster fantasy which follows the story of a film director and crew visiting a specific island for a more exotic movie scenery, an island where the director believes the 'myth' of Kong exists. When they arrive the come across a village on the outskirts of the island where they discover the natives in the middle of a ceremony. The natives, once they have seen the film crew and the young beautiful blonde lady in their company, offer the film crew 7 of their women in exchange for Ann Darrow(Fay Wray), they do not accept the offer however as the film progresses the natives capture Ann and take her to the gates where Kong is contained and tie her to two pillars, the natives then begin to summon Kong. Kong then comes into the sight of the audience following his summoning and his eyes fall onto Ann as she begins to scream and struggle to escape. The scenes progress into the jungle with the crew in pursuit of Kong and Ann 

Gender politics is a obvious factor within the film when watching

through the theme of gender politics it shows societies views on women at the time of the 1930's
anne is made to appear as the defenseless small lady
- the sailors have to come and save ger


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