Friday, 25 September 2015

Baucis Thumbnails 1-10

Here is my first page of digital thumbnails based around the city Baucis. I have used concept from the video game Jak and Daxter: The Precusor Legacy (2001) and images from The Giver (2014) as inspiration for this city as when I was reading the chapter I pictured images which were eerily similar to these two medias.


  1. don't worry about people too much - if they're helpful in terms of scale, fine - otherwise, they're not helping you think about spaces and structures etc. These feel very much like 'scenes' on a storyboard - I can almost feel the progression from scene to scene! I like the minimal, graphical ones - but you need to number them to help people feedback nice and quick!

  2. When I read some of the cities I imagined Jak and Daxter too ^_^ I really like both images in the 4th row.