Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Minor/Major: Narrative and Composing

Before sending off for my voice overs, It was suggested to me to look into narratives with voice overs, sound and compositions so I understood what I wanted within my animation and that I knew what to ask for when it comes to collaborating with voice actors and composers.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Minor/Major: Voice Overs - Re-writes

Following the interim crit, one of the things on my list next was to send off for my voice overs. I sent them to Phil to be edited and to make sure that they flowed nicely, below are the final versions of the scripts for my voice overs and a final step for these will ultimately be to make them into a professional script with camera angles.

The Three Trees

At the bottom of the garden of my mother’s childhood home stood three tall trees, strong and sturdy against the wind and the darkest green against the bright green grass.   Hanging from the branch of one of the three trees was an old tyre on a length of old rope, and above it, some wooden planks nailed haphazardly.

When I played in the garden, I didn’t see the old tyre or the haphazard planks.  I imagined for myself instead a mighty treehouse of windows of every shape and size; of doors and secret hatches, of balconies, of webs of ropes and the criss-cross of ladders; of wooden bridges connecting one tree to the next, the ideal place for hide and seek and pretend adventures in secret kingdoms. 

The idea of this treehouse I shared with 4 other children, and all of us bickering about what should be on it, in it, and what it would look like if our imaginations alone were enough to build it.

The old tyre and the haphazard planks are long gone now, but the three tall trees remain, as strong against the wind and still the darkest green – but if I close my eyes, our treehouse that never was re-builds itself plank-by-plank, window-by-window, and door-by-door - and then, with a shout, I’m all the way up there and climbing again.

New York Snow

The state of New York in winter almost always saw mountains of snow. My grandfather would spend hours ploughing the snow up one bank in the driveway until it was as tall as he was. This mountain of snow was steep, making it fun to climb before sledding back down to the ground.  My sister and I would dig holes into the base of the mountain and crawl inside. We made it feel like the Wampa's cave from Star Wars. 

We would grab the gigantic icicles hanging from the guttering of the house and decorate the mountain with them. The top of the mountain bristled with the icicles we collected like it was covered in spikes. We went on to pretend the world had ended and we were living out our time in the snow cave.  Sometimes we’d fight each other using the icicles as swords.

I must have been 8 years old when my sister and I last played in the snow like that.  My sister was 4 years older than me.  She was a teenager by then and didn't want to hang around with me.  After that it was just me and the wampa.

The Fortress (Unfinished)

In reality it was just a larger than ordinary climbing frame with a trampoline to one side of it, but that’s not how we saw it. We knew it as The Fortress.  It stood tall and impressive at the end of the garden, its turrets higher than we could see – and you couldn’t just walk through its front gate, you had to bounce through it!

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Minor/Major: The Three Trees - UV Texture

After discussing with Alan and taking his advice, Ive started my texturing while creating my model, slowly going along side by side with each other. This way it will enable me to duplicate specific parts (i.e. roof tiles, planks of wood) without having to create a thousand and one textures.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Minor/Major: Texture Influence

I took a Canon DSLR camera and looked at different kinds natural and manmade objects for textures in relation to my project, I looked at wood, bark, stone and metal. I won't be using these images as textures as the realism from the images won't give a childlike affect on the worlds I'm creating. These images are solely for reference for when drawing my textures for the flow and shape of the different textures.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Minor/Major: The Fortress - Revisited Thumbnails

Following the interim crit, one major point in my opinion that was given in the feedback was refining The Fortress thumbnails. Here I've gone over and also redrawn the finalised thumbnail to make it feel like the other little worlds, when it comes to modelling hopefully I will be able to achieve making the model look lopsided and wonky, something that the drawing doesn't achieve entirely. When it comes to the orthographs for this model I believe I will create them for different blocks and then the image as a whole, in a sense creating a 'castle building kit'.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Minor/Major: Branding - ABC of the Havens Font

I do need to go over this again in order to have a warmer colour on each letter, but here I have created all the letters for any future use within the animation itself so that I can create and experiment with different things when it comes to the textual side of the project.

Version One

Version Two

Minor/Major: New York Snow - Concept

Ive created my concept as shown due to the nature of the models, I plan on displaying these little worlds on plinths. floating in their own unviverse.